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Welcome to the Louisville Pinball Page! This site was create by two avid pinball players in the Louisville, KY area. As it is sometimes difficult to find good machines to play in the area, we thought that we would create a resource site for local players. Below you can find locations to play, maps to each location, and maintenance status of each local machine. Please email us at if you know of a machine not listed below so we may keep this site as up-to-date as possible.


2002/10/31 - Well it seems that the free web hosting services do not support XML functions in Javascript. How archaic. Well I concerted my dynamic XML scripts to HTML, so I apologize to those people that viewed the page over the past 3 days and received display errors.

2002/10/28 - Sorry for the delay in updates. Your patience has been rewarded with a redesign of the site to use XML. The list of machines was getting extensive, and it was difficult to make direct updates to the HTML (Yes, I edit with notepad!) I have rewritten the site using an XML parser and the machine list is now in XML. This gives better sorting, but alas, I had difficulty with the embedded links to Yahoo Map, so I substituted directions. I think they are better anyway for local residents as I use major street and location references. I also removed the same-page hyper links, but will be adding a search feature shortly to make up for that. I had to put "Unknown" on some of the last update dates as I just added that info and I do not remember the last update. On some, I guessed.

If you click on one of the links below and receive an error message, it probably means that you need to upgrade your IE or Netscape. Only the later versions of browsers support the level of Java and XML that I use.

Find a Pinball Machine

By Location or By Machine.

Closed Locations: Galleria Arcade, St. Matthews Arcade, Jefferson Mall Arcade.

Locations that used to have pins: Patrick's Liquor Bar, Kenbowl.